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Famous People Who Were Insolvent Or Filed For Bankruptcy Relief

P.T. Barnum Kim Basinger Toni Braxton Francis Ford Coppola David Crosby Walt Disney Mick Fleetwood Henry Ford Red Foxx Marvin Gaye MC Hammer Milton Hershey […]

Mortgage Modification Post-Bankruptcy Filing

A client just modified her mortgage and cut her principle balance in half after she filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  In addition, her mortgage lender dropped […]

You may not qualify to file for Chapter 7. However, Chapter 13 is another bankruptcy option.

The bankruptcy laws for consumer cases require a number of “tests” to determine the type of bankruptcy to be filed.  In addtion, a few other […]

What You Need To Know About Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What is Chapter 13? Chapter 13 is a component of the US bankruptcy law that allows debtors to reorganize their financial affairs, service their debts […]

  • Get your life back.  Take control away from your creditors.
  • Stop the telephone calls!  Stop the telephone calls at work.  Stop the telephone calls at night.
  • Stop your foreclosure sale.
  • Stop the repossession.  Get your car back from repossession.  Stop hiding your car from the repo man.
  • Stop the wage garnishment.  Get the garnished money back!  Stop the bank garnishment.  Recover wages that have been garnished in the last 90 days.  Stop working under the table to avoid a wage garnishment.
  • Improve your chances to receive a mortgage modification loan.
  • Break free from expensive debt settlement schemes.
  • Get your utilities turned back on!
  • Catch up on missed mortgage payments.
  • Catch up on missed car payments.
  • Catch up on your bills.
  • Catch up on child support payments
  • Walk away from underwater real estate
  • Get rid of your timeshare.
  • Get rid of your credit card debt.
  • Force all credit card companies into a mandatory repayment plan without paying interest or late fees.  Spread the payments over a five year repayment plan without interest or late fees.
  • Stop using expensive, check-cashing services.
  • Get rid of your second mortgage.
  • Lower the interest rate on your car without refinancing.
  • Get rid of your old unsecured tax debt for pennies on the dollar.
  • Pay off your tax debt.
  • Refinance your vehicle.
  • Improve your debt to income ratio – this will improve your credit score.
  • Close your old lines of credit.  Too many lines of credit will lower your credit score.
  • Improve your payment history on your credit report.  This helps increase your credit score.