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Welcome to  You’ve come to the right place if you need to resolve your debts. is run Christopher McGrady, Esq.  I work with the law offices of Christman & Fascetta. I know that you have lots of questions.  Calling me is free.  And, it’s usually the fastest way to get your bearings. Call me directly on 443-494-2703.

Feel free to read through  But remember this – your situation is unique.  Your case and the outcome of your case will be different from any other case.  The outcome of a case is based upon income, expenses, secured debts, the value of your assets, the number of people in your household — it’s complicated and requires a lawyer.  (Generally speaking, a lawyer will save you money by keeping your repayment plan as low as possible.)

We will need to discuss your financial goals.  Do we need to stop a foreclosure?  Are you keeping your home?  Are you keeping a lease?  Are you keeping an automobile?  Or, maybe you intend to surrender certain assets.

A Chapter 13 case in Maryland requires planning.  Obviously, you want to get out of debt.  You need a fresh start.  A Chapter 13 reorganization allows you keep your house and your car – but there are limits.

With proper planning and the right timing, a bankruptcy lawyer can save you thousands.  Yes!  I said it.  A bankruptcy lawyer can help you save money and your possessions.  In addition, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you avoid problems in future.  Filing for bankruptcy relief without a lawyer can cost you thousands of dollars after the bankruptcy case is over due to unresolved debts and liens.

Obtaining a fresh start is much more than getting rid of your debt.  It’s about preserving assets and building your future.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case can save your house, your vehicles, and your retirement assets.  A Chapter 13 repayment plan can help you catch up on missed payments.  In addition, a Chapter 13 plan may help you lower your interest payments.

Maybe you have heard rumors about your credit score – that you will never get another loan because you filed for bankruptcy relief.  Maybe you’ve heard commercials urging you not to file for bankruptcy relief.  Call me for free and get the facts.  Before you enter into a mortgage modification program or any type of debt consolidation program – get the facts from a licensed attorney.  Is a short-sale your best option?  Call and find out.

Over the years, various commercials and credit rating schemes have tried to steer people away from filing bankruptcy. Many of these schemes are expensive and they do not work as well as bankruptcy.  We will be happy to explain the differences to you over the phone or in person.  For a few people, bankruptcy may not be the best way forward.  However, most people are better off filing for bankruptcy relief.

When you call us, we can also discuss the other big myth about bankruptcy:  future credit – purchasing a home, financing a vehicle, or obtaining a credit card.  Generally speaking, the mortgage industry will lend money two years outside of bankruptcy — assuming that the purchaser qualifies.  In other words, the purchaser has an income to make mortgage payments and the purchaser has enough of a down payment to purchase a home.  Again, this is a general observation and we would be happy to speak with you about your particular circumstances.  Likewise, many lenders will work out agreements with you to finance a vehicle while in bankruptcy.  They do this because the post-bankruptcy vehicle loan is not part of the bankruptcy and the borrower will (most likely) be required  to repay the entire loan (even if the car is repossessed).

As a general overview, I will try to explain the difference between a chapter 7 and a chapter 13.  In a Chapter 7 case, debts are not repaid by the debtor.  This type of bankruptcy case is also known as a “liquidation”.  Again, debts are not repaid over time by the debtor.  (However, assets may be sold off to satisfy your debts.).  This type of bankruptcy can only be filed once every eight years.  Again, I’m only speaking in general terms because other facts may determine when a person can file a Chapter 7. But generally speaking the answer is once every eight years.

A Chapter 13 case is the type of bankruptcy in which a person repays his or her creditors.  A repayment plan may be used to catch up on mortgage payments and tax debt.  A repayment plan is a very powerful tool when used to reduce and satisfy IRS obligations.  A repayment plan can also be used to catch up on vehicle payments.  Again these are general explanations and your case is unique.  Please try to avoid the common mistake of comparing your case to another case.  Most likely, the facts are different.  (The income is different.  The expenses are different.  The debt is different.  Your goals are not the same.)

I’ve worked very hard over the years to make the bankruptcy process easy on my clients.  You will need to gather some documents – but making the decision to start the bankruptcy process is the hardest part.  Call today and put the Christman & Fascetta staff on your team.

You do not need a lot of money to get started.  The initial consultation is free.  And, we have a payment plan you can afford.  While using our payment plan, I will help you put an end to annoying collection calls.

Most people find themselves in need of bankruptcy relief due to job loss, fewer work hours, illness, or divorce.  The Christman & Fascetta team will help you through this process.

Take the fear out of the bankruptcy process.  Please give me a call today.

For most of clients, bankruptcy is the fastest option for creating wealth over the next 10 years of your life.  Call me today and let me prove it to you for free.

There are too many myths and rumors about bankruptcy.  Get the facts for free.

You cannot compare your financial situation to someone else’s financial situation in order to solve your bankruptcy problems.

Speak with a bankruptcy attorney for free today.

Contrary to popular myth the bankruptcy process allows you to pay your bills, make your car payments, make your mortgage payments, and, in the long run, it will improve your credit score.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case in Maryland allows a person to cure mortgage arrears, vehicle arrears, and tax debt.  In addition, a Chapter 13 repayment plan can clear the way for a mortgage modification — even when you have been denied a mortgage modification.  Call me and find out how the process works.